Our Story
Silver Bark Brewery is family owned and operated, hand crafting our specialty beers on a small commercial scale in Mount Barker, South Australia. We strive to use a majority of local South Australian ingredients including a majority of malt barley being sourced from Barossa Valley Craft Malt. We also have twelve hop varieties growing on site, which we use for late boil additions in some of our beers. Each small batch brew is carefully crafted with a personal touch to produce great beers full of flavour.

We have a passion for great beer and love variety. So we are very proud to bring you eight of our favourite brews we have developed over the years.

A Bit About Our Brew Master...
My passion for beer started more than fifteen years ago when I started my adventure in brewing. Like many brewers, I started out with a typical small home brew kit. However I quickly I got bored with this set up, so I designed and built my first 35L batch all-grain system. After many successful brews with this small system, I decided an upgrade was in order.

Our small family was growing so we made the move to Mount Barker to a bigger house and block (had to be big enough for the hop yard a bigger shed!). Here I built my new 75L batch all grain system which served me well for 5 years.                                      

I have recenty modified this system for production of our 200L batches. Along with some new equipment puchased to manage the larger brews including 300L Brite Tanks and a small Bottling Line, our brew shed allows us to brew, ferment/condition and bottle or keg all of our beers here on site.

I have always been passionate about beer and everything about it. I have travelled to many different countries over the years for my work as well as for holidays to Europe, the UK, New Zealand and various Asian countries discovering different flavours and styles of beer.
Our beers are inspired from styles from all over the world and I have spent the past 15 years developing and refining my beers as a serious hobby for my family and friends to enjoy. I hope that you also enjoy our full flavoured hand crafted specialty beers. Cheers!

Anthony Mibus
Specialty Brewer
Silver Bark Brewery

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